Sugar Work


I have been dying to try this for ages now and decided 2017 is going to be the year of experimenting. I have to say it looks easy but it wasn’t, a few more practises I think before I master it….lol! But I have to say not bad for a first time.

To make the candy:-

1. Put about 3 cups of sugar with 1 tbsp of water in a flat based pan (depending on how much you want to make)

2. Gently heat the sugar until it starts to bubble  20170107_153941

3. It will start to go brown in colour and may lump, please do not be worried at this point this is normal. Using a wooden spoon move it around a little just to combine. You do not want to stir constantly and this will ruin it, try to leave it as much as you can.  20170107_154759

4. If you want you can at this stage add food colouring, I added red to mine. 20170107_155235

5. Keep moving it around until it goes quick thick but not too thick, you want to be able to lift it up and for it to drop slowly back to the pan but still thin not thick, almost just coating the back of the spoon.


6. Using anything you have in your kitchen drawers that are metal like a ladle, pizza cutter, spoon etc, it is best if you chill the metal in the fridge first. Do not use wood, I tried my wooden spoon and it stuck, it has to be metal and cold.    You can then drape, twist or simply squiggle onto greaseproof paper to make your designs. ( This is the fun bit but also the frustrating It should harden within seconds.


Here are some of my best and worst ones……lol!


Then imply decorate your cakes. Enjoy!

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