Hello and thank you for visiting my Blog, my name is Karen and I live in Scotland (home of great food & wonderful scenery).

Scotland’s food and drink comes from unspoilt habitats and varied weather, which are perfect for producing a wide variety of high quality fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and much more. I have always enjoyed my food and decided I wanted to start introducing new ideas and looking for alternative ways to make my favourite dishes healthier.  I am a keep it simple but without compromise on flavour kinda girl so most of my recipes are quick and easy to create using only the best Scottish produce.  Click my Recipes image below or in menu to explore.

Having recently found a passion for photography, as I travel throughout Scotland, I pass by every day the visions of beauty this land offers and wanted to capture the moments to share with you all. Please feel free to click the image below or to view some of my images now click below to go to my facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kc-photography/707510605998574


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  1. Hi! I came across your blog. Great work! Interesting content and nice pictures. I enjoy reading blogs from people around the world and get inspired by cooking recipes from different cultures. I followed your blog. I am a food blogger from Canada, and I invite you to visit/follow my blog at: http://zest4foodblog.wordpress.com, Cheers, Angelika

    • Good Morning, thank you for reaching out and I appreciate your kind words. I would love to share my passion with your readers and help spread the love of cooking. Just let me know what you would like me to do. Your blog is great! Thank you again. Karen

      • Great I’d love to have you….check out this link for all the information


        Basically all you need to do is pick a few questions you want to answer, copy and paste your answers in an email to me with an attached photo to

        I set it all up and post it on my blog usually within 2 weeks. I send you the link before it goes live and you can look it over and share it on all your sites and social media. I’ll also share it on my Twitter feed so you’ll get double exposure.

        Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Earl

    Hi your pearl barley and split peas curry recipe calls for the split pease to be soaked overnight. All other recipes state that split peas need not be soaked. Why is this so?

    • Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. Soaking isn’t entirely necessary. Split peas cook relatively quickly. Unsoaked peas take from 1 to 2 hours of simmering & soaked peas take about 30-40 minutes. When I planned to make this recipe I didn’t have much time so I soaked overnight to quicken the cooking time. I hope this helps. Thank you.