My Limoncello Creme Friache with Scottish Salmon and Med Veg!


A Lovely wee plate of food for a healthy mid week meal.

I’m the kinda person that always forgets ingredients and then improvise’s but somehow it turns out o.k.! Don;t get me wrong sometimes it doesn’t (as my partner always reminds me when I say ‘oh S**t’ I forgot……………

Today was one of those days, I had the salmon the creme friache etc but forgot the lemon…I know…I hear you say ‘ but that’s a staple ingredient for any kitchen’ but somehow I forgot to add to my shopping this week. So…yep, I improvised and it turned out quite delicious! and a wee bit naughty for a mid week meal too….which made it even better! lol!


Serves 2

For the sauce:-

2 tbsp creme friache – low fat if you can

1 tbsp limoncello

handful of chopped parsley (or you could use dill)

1 tsp mustard

rainbow peppercorns and salt to taste


1 x scottish salmon

1 x mix of your fav vegetables


  1. Firstly heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan, once hot (medium heat not too high), place salmon skin side down first and cooker for 4 mins then turn and cook for further 4 mins. rest to side. 20160928_21321620160928_213242
  2. Mix in a bowl creme friache, parsley, mustard, salt & pepper and limoncello, thoroughly mix together.
  3. Steam, fry or boil your vegetables ( I steam mine with a little butter)
  4. Place sauce on a plate and top with the salmon and add veg to your plate…Yummy 10 min healthy meal.


20160928_213158     20160928_213006


20160928_213042  20160928_213114




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