A-Z of Superfoods

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So…What is a Superfood???

Many nutritionists have recognised certain foods for their exceptional health-promoting properties, amongst them are berries for their antioxidising properties, salmon for its cardiovascular health benefits and soy products for their cancer prevention aids. Oh and my favourite one red wine……..yes you read right…..Red wine!, wine has been found to contain the antioxidant compound, resveratrol, which promotes cardiovascular health by reducing harmful blood clots, protecting the heart from radical damage. There are many more foods that contain vital health benefits.


So what is an Antioxidant???

They are molecules that slow and prevent the oxidation of free radicals, which if left start reactions that damage cells. In our body’s, Cholesterol is not harmful until it is oxidised, and thereby it starts to cling to blood vessels which can lead to heart problems. Antioxidants help to guard against this damage.


Here is my A – Z list of my favourite Superfoods!

A – Acai Berry, Apples, Aubergine, Avocado

B – Banana, Beans, Berries, Beetroot,  Broccoli

C – Cabbage, Carrots, Chickpeas, Dark Chocolate (Cocoa), Cranberry Juice

D – Dill, Dates

E – Eggs

F – Fish, Fruits, Flax oil

G – Garlic, Ginger, Grapefruit, Green Tea

H – Honey

I – Iceberg Lettuce

J – Jalapenos

K – Kale

L – Lentils, Lemon, Lime, Leafy Greens

M – Mackerel, Mango, Milk, Mushrooms

N – Nuts

O – Oats, Olive oil, Oysters

P – Papaya, Peppers,Pomegranate, Potato, Prawns, Pumpkin seeds

Q – Quinoa

R – Radish, Raisin, Rocket

S – Salmon, Sesame Seeds, Soy products, Spinach

T – Tomato, Tofu Turnip, Tuna

U – Uncooked Vegetables

V – Venison

W – Wine, Walnuts

X – Xcellent Smoothies – sorry, struggled with this letter!

Y – Yoghurt

Z – Zucchini



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