Cake Pops

cake pops1

cake pops

Just had to give these a go. Quite tricky but got there.



2 x packets or OREO biscuits

1 tub Nutella Chocolate Spread

Cake pop sticks

500 g bar of chocolate

Sprinkles of choice


1. Put biscuits in a food processor until well mixed and broken into fine pieces

2. Empty into a bowl and add the nutella until well mixed together, it should form a hard sticky ball

3. Once mixed tear off small (approx 1 inch) pieces and roll into balls in palm of hand and place onto oiled baking tray

4. Put into freezer for approx 30 minutes to harden.

5. While cake pops are hardening, melt the chocolate in a heatproof glass dish over a pan of boiling water or on No. 1 on Induction Hob

6. Take Cake pops from freezer, dip the cake pop sticks into chocolate (just about 1cm) and pierce into cake pops, then re-freeze for about 20 minutes.

7. Once ready take out and decorate as desired with melted chocolate and spirnkles etc. Then chill to harden chocolate for about 1 hour.

8. Serve and enjoy. (Pops will last in a tub or cupoard for about 1 week).

**Alternatively you can use a cake mix instead of Oreo’s** – same procedure, bake cake then break up in a food processor, then add frosting instead of nutella.

***To keep round shape use polystyrene block to hold pops***

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