Homemade Crisps




I used A. Bartlett potatoes but you can use any to your taste.

1. Slice thinly the potatoes, you can use your grater or mandoline if you have one.

2. Blot potatoes to remove excess moisture

3. Line plate or tray with greaseproof paper to prevent sticking and place potatoes around area, try to not get them touching or they may stick together

4. If you like you can brush very lightly with olive oil for extra taste, but this isn’t necessary if you are watching the calories.

5. Set Microwave to 800w for approx 7 mins (times may vary depending on thickness and potatoes)

6. Remove from microwave and paper and leave to cool on wire rack for a few minutes

7. Place in a food bag or container and season with your favourite…I used paprika and salt, and give them a good shake to even.

8. Enjoy!

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