Summer Salad with Italian Dressing


With a weather forecast of snow on its way and an extremely windy night last night, I was wanting something to cheer me up and make me think that spring is nearly! So my summer salad was just the thing for a great healthy pick me up at the dinner table. I served this with my homemade flatbreads

Serves 4

Large handful of tomatoes….my favourite are Pomodorino baby plum

1 can of black beans 400g

1 red and 1 green pepper – sliced and cubed

1 red onion – diced

1 cup of sweetcorn

1 tsp garlic powder

1 can tuna flakes

fresh coriander to garnish

Italian dressing (my recipe here) Italian Dressing

  1. Put everything into a bowl and mix through. Add in the dressing and serve.

Yep, its as easy as that!

This is also a great recipe for a salsa dip at a party, obviously taking out the tuna!




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