Kune Kune Pork Chops


O.k. so I visited my local Food Assembly this week in Glasgow and spoke to Harris Farm Meats harrisfarmmeats , she had some Kune Kune Chops ready, I was really interested as I’d never heard of this breed of pig before. Kune Kune is a small breed of domestic pig from New Zealand they are quite hairy with a rotund build, they range in different colours and are very rare. Watch her pigs here https://vimeo.com/163851647 they are so cute.


The pigs eat grass and forages naturally, this produces a very special meat different from another kind of Pork. It is almost reddish in looks and has a roast beefy taste. I was very impressed.

I decided to griddle then slowly and decided to use a mayo, hoisin and chilli marinade, which went very well. This was a mock up of things I had around so was taking a chance, but luckily it worked.

20160826_172139                20160826_174949



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