Avenue Coffee Roasting in Glasgow


I recently went to a Coffee Festival and this Company stood out for me, not only did they offer loads of Decaf options but their Full Caffeine options were amazing.

So who are they? What’s their Story?

We set up with one simple aim – we wanted to make the best coffee and share it with as many people as we could.

Starting a speciality coffee shop in 2011, we built a team with years of experience not only in coffee but in customer service and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best coffee shops to go in Glasgow. However, it wasn’t enough for us just to be making good coffee – we always wanted to have more influence on what was happening to our beans further up the line. We wanted to share our coffee with even more people. We soon started a second shop, and put a Diedrich IR12 coffee roaster in. We spent time meticulously profiling coffee beans and were inspired by the results – which we now bring to you.


They sell coffee in their shop or online either in bean form or they will filter for you. We choose bean form and grind ourselves as we feel you get that freshness better.


I recently purchase the Santa Lucia Decaff and I have to say it makes the most amazing after dinner coffee. A really creamy and sweet decaf. Super nutty with notes of milk chocolate & vanilla. Love this!


Check out the other flavours they do.



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