Roasted Beetroot Salad

Roasted Beetroot Salad

As you may know I started my very first Raised Vegetable Beds this year, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but as the story goes, we work & we work and never seem to find time to start anything. This was the year that I was finally going to put a plan of action together, ordered my raised beds, got them all painted and treated, filled them up, planted the seeds and waited. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see my first little green shoot pop up.

I love Beetroot, so that was the first seed planted and I am now starting to harvest them. Oh my, freshness, freshness, freshness…..there is nothing better that eating straight from your garden, I harvested some yesterday and decided on a lovely refreshing salad today for my lunch.

Fresh Beetroot from my garden

How to Roast Beetroot

First wash all the mud etc off of the beets and trim of the stalks & leaves, but keep the leaves aside for later. If not using straight away, store in a perforated plastic bag in the salad bins in your fridge, these will keep for about 2 weeks.

Beetroot & Beetroot Leaves Storage in Fridge

Using Tin foil, place the Beets (with the skin on) on and sprinkle a little olive oil & salt, wrap up into a parcel, not too tightly as you want the steam to help cook the beets, then bake on a tray in centre of your oven at 200 deg for about 45 minutes.

Remove and allow steam to escape from parcel then allow to cool slightly. At this stage, I advise to wear gloves, you WILL get Beetroot stained if you don’t…lol! With gloves on gently rub the skin and you’ll notice it comes away very easily, remove all the skin and slice into wedges or bite sized pieces. Yum!

Using the saved leaves, these can be cooked just like Kale. Bring a pan of water to the boil add a little salt and blanch for a few minutes, remove and drain excess water through a colander/sieve. I love the colour of the water here too.

Place leaves in a bowl with beetroot, squeeze some lemon juice and 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar over and mix. Sprinkle over some Goats cheese or Feta cheese and chopped walnuts to serve.

You could also cook some couscous or bulgur wheat to add to make it a more filling bowl.

A Bowl of Roasted Beetroot, Beetroot Leaves, Goats Cheese, Walnuts

Tuna & Bean Salad with Lemon Balm.

20160426_130142   20160426_140532

This Monday I went to my local Food Assembly to pick up all of my lovely fresh meat, vegetables and eggs, I decided to try some of the Lemon Balm from Rhone Cottage, . Looking at what I could use it with I decided a lovely healthy tuna bean salad and the lemon balm leaves just added that lovely flavour of lemon, it was very fragrant and gave that extra zing.


Serves 2  Approx 350 calories per serving.

1 tin tuna

1 tin of black eyed beans

1/2 red onion – chopped finely

3 spring onions – chopped

1 yellow pepper – sliced and diced

Handful of fresh sweetcorn

Handful of fresh garden peas

1 tbsp red chilli pepper flakes (optional)

1 tbsp Olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp mayonnaise

small handful of lemon balm – chopped finely


  1. Heat through the black eyed beans, approx 4-5 mins on medium heat, remove and allow to cool.
  2. Meanwhile, mix everything else in a large mixing bowl making sure everything is coated. 20160426_140651
  3. Add the black eyed beans, mix through and then serve with a sprinkle of the lemon balm on top. Yummy!

20160426_140630               20160426_140420


Glasgow’s Food Assembly


The Food Assembly offers the people of Glasgow and surrounding areas a new way to shop for local and fresh produce.  Currently Six producers from Glasgow are gathering to offer fresh and local food to their customers.

The Food Assembly is the British version of a French network of communities known as ‘La Ruche qui dit Oui!’ which offers fresh food from local farmers and was launched in the UK in July 2014.

The network is now spreading all across Glasgow to offer high quality food and support small local producers.

In order to shop with the Glasgow Food Assembly, the customers first need to create an account on their website. Then, they have to select the products they want and finally, pick them up on the day of the assembly. The Glasgow Food Assembly gathered for the first time on 8 February 2016 at the Drygate, the UK’s first experimental craft brewery, to deliver the orders that customers had made on the online shop a few before the event.

The network is now preparing its fifth assembly and discussing about future ones in Glasgow.
The popularity of ethical and local producers is growing steadily in Glasgow and the network is gaining new members. Geraldine Pitt, Food Assembly’s host, started organizing the gatherings in the UK in November of last year. She said: “The whole initiative takes about 12 weeks: finding producers, organizing venues, growing members, etc.”

The concept of the Food Assembly is widening and will from now on welcome not only food producers but any ethical local producers to take part in the process. One of the new participants is Carishea, a business that will be selling cosmetics for the network.

A lot of people from the city and beyond gathered on 8 February at Drygate in the desire to meet local farmers and food makers and enjoy fresh products grown within a radius of less than 150 miles from Glasgow.

The Food Assembly is also a way to help small-scale producers to promote their business all around the city while reducing food waste thanks to the online process the customers are going through to order their products.


Last Wednesday I placed my first order, trying not to get too carried away as I viewed some amazing produce and vegetables that I never even knew existed, like rainbow carrots and beetroots!

I was absolutely excited today to go to the Drygate and pick up my goodies, a very good system too, all the producers were there ready with your order, all numbered so they knew exactly what was yours. They answered any questions very professionally and passionately and spoke about why their produce is the best and their procedures.


So here is what I picked up today, I am currently working on some new recipes to try with these, so watch this space!

20160307_202912   20160307_203010